Medilink International Dispensary, Mtwara

The primary role of the Medilink International Dispensary in Mtwara is to provide general practice consultations, emergency care and stabilisation of patients prior to medical evacuation.

The Dispensary is run by paramedics who are highly trained to handle critical cases. The Dispensary emergency room is equipped to European standards with a full inventory of life support equipment and drugs. An 4WD ambulance further compliments the Dispensary.
Our medics are further supported by our 24/7 Topside Support service.

We also have the ability to maintain patients at our Dispensary until the time for medical evacuation.
From the moment of injury or illness, our clients count on us to provide immediate care and liaise with all parties concerned to transfer the patient safely.

Medilink’s services in Mtwara provide essential support to companies operating in the region by providing the emergency care required to their staff to a trusted level of service. Medilink fills the critical gap between the incident on site and definitive medical care in Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi or Johannesburg or any other location.

At the Medilink International Dispensary in Mtwara we also carry out pre-employment screening, health surveillance, annual medical examinations and fitness for work.

How to Register

Medilink services operating out of our Dispensary in Mtwara are available to registered members. In addition to our standard registration schemes Medilink also offers packages specifically tailor-made to address the particular needs of our clients. Contact us for further information.



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